CS Lessons 1

Wyoming and the great Computer Science Debate:

Currently the State of Wyoming is proposing Computer Science Standards for K-12 students. They are in draft mode and have not been approved. The lessons on GoKids will be tied to standards that are being promoted, if developmentally appropriate. If the standards agree with ISTE and CSTA standards, as they are the experts, I will create lessons that will meet the standards. GoKids will focus on the 4th and 5th grade standards first.

If you have any questions on how to integrate Computer Science in your curriculum or need resources, please drop me a line. My contact information is on the About the Creator page.

1. Computational Thinking

Click on the image and watch the video. The video will stop and certain points. You will need to answer the question in order to move on. You can pause the video if you need to. The last question is going to take you to BBC Bitesize Computational Thinking lesson.

Follow the instructions on the video with help from your teacher.

Here is an interactive game that teaches Computational Thinking concepts. I would watch the then allow the students to go through the Thinking Myself program.


  • Decompose
  • Patterns
  • Abstraction
  • Algorithms

Computational Thinking

Click on the link above and fill out the form. Each question is worth 5 pts. Use full sentences. Ten words minimum are required to go on to the next question. Think outside of the box!