1st Grade Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1: Rules & Mouse Skills

You will be learning all your classroom rules and how to navigate GoKids.

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Lesson 2: Mouse Skills

You will use a mouse or track pad to navigate, point, click and drag.

1. Creature Duty

2. Nature Art Box

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Lesson 3: More Mouse Practice and Scroll bars

You will learn how to use a mouse to navigate, point, click, and drag. You will also identify when a capitol letter is needed when writing sentences.

1. Zara's Capitol Letter Game

2. Zed's Capitol Letter Game

3. Make a Face

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Lesson 4:

You will use keyboarding software to learn shift key, return, enter, and tab.

1. Teaching Treasures Alphabet

2. Teaching Treasures Animals

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Lesson 5:

You will be able to put numbers in order from smallest to largest.

1. Counting Caterpillar

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Lesson 6: Coding, unplugged!

You will understand basic coding concepts.

You get to learn how to do coding with paper: Happy Maps!

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Lesson 7:

You will locate alphanumeric keys on a keyboard and type your password and name correctly.

1. Teach Your Monster to Read

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Lesson 8 : Language Arts: Parts of Speech

You will be learning about the different parts of speech that builds sentences.

E-Learning for Kids

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Lesson 9: Coding

Students will learn how to complete basic coding.

Course A Code.org

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Lesson 10: Pause & Think

Students will learn how to be safe, responsible and respectful when online.

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