1st Grade Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1: What is the Internet? and Mouse Skills

Welcome back to school!! Let's review how big the Internet is and discuss being safe. Then let's see those Mouse skills. Here are a few games on ABCya to start.

  1. ABC slider puzzle

  2. Make a backpack

  3. Letter Match

Class what is the Internet video

Cyber- five Internet Safety

Lesson 2: Mouse Skills & Tabs

You will use a mouse or track pad to navigate, point, click and drag. After you complete each game X the tab at the top & play the next game. If you complete all 3 then find another game on PBSKids to play.

  1. Nature Art Box

  2. Park Builder

  3. Nature Road Trip

Lesson 3: Keyboarding skills

In this lesson you will be finding the keys on the keyboard. Lets' start with Keyboard Zoo. After you complete the Game, you can choose any game in the ABC letters section. After you have done that a few times, check out another Typing game on ABCya.

Keyboard Zoo

Typing rocket Jr.


Lesson 4: Making Learning to read Fun with Roy the Zebra

You will continue to learn how to use a mouse and navigate a website, while playing reading games.

Roy the Zebra

Lesson 5: Typetastic

You have gotten pretty good at those Keyboarding Skills and are ready for a challenge.

Type-Tastic Game

Lesson 6: Coding, unplugged!

Students learn what an Algorithm is; A list of steps to follow to complete a task.

You get to learn how to do coding with paper: Happy Maps!

Happy Map Lesson

Lesson 7: Typing words

You will use keyboarding software to learn to list words or letters by using the return or enter. It is recommended that the teacher project the typed words for the animal game. For #2 have students type 100 correct letters and then be done or make that the long term goal. These should take place over several classes.

1. Teaching Treasures Alphabet

2. Type to 100

3. Teaching Treasures Animals

Teacher Link

Lesson 8: Coding on Code.org

Students will learn sequencing, Loops, using commands to code a program & Impacts of Computing. This Course has 12 Coding lessons that include unplugged lessons. This will take some time & it is recommended that students are still doing typing & other activities while continuing to revisit these lessons.

Course B Code.org

Lesson 9: Starting Monster Read

Students will put those keyboarding skills to the test by typing their name and a password. Also they start to really see how the Curser works by having to click in the correct boxes. Teacher has to sign up for a free account, upload students & print out Password cards ahead of time.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Lesson 9 : Build a Snowman

Students will use ABCya Story maker to Paint a picture and type a seven word sentence about their snowman. Students can write more sentences if time and then PRINT it for them to take home.

Story Maker

Example: My snowman is wearing a red hat and gloves.

Lesson 10: Model & Collecting Data

Students will learn how to use numbers, symbols, manipulatives to create a visual that represents the data collected. In this lesson students complete the all about Me activity on ABCya this collects data about them. Print these off and compile the information on a chart to see what they have in common. Second do the CANDY GRAPHING Lesson.

All about me

Fuzz Bug Graphing Game

All about me graphing Lesson

Candy graphing Lesson