Kindergarten Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1: Rules & Mouse Skills

You will be learning your classroom rules and how to navigate GoKids

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Lesson 2: How to Use a Mouse

You will be learning how to use a mouse or track pad.

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Lesson 3: Mouse Practice

You will get to practice using your mouse!

1. Wild City Search

2. Treehouse Designer

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Lesson 4: Mouse Practice & Typing

Students will use a mouse and track pad to navigate a website review & identify the letters in the alphabet on the keyboard by typing.

1. Make a Face

2. Keyboarding Zoo

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Lesson 5: Counting

Students will identify numbers in order

1. Connect the Dots

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Lesson 6: Counting

Students will put numbers in order from smallest to largest.

1. Counting Caterpillar

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Lesson 7:

Students will be able to create and identify patterns

1. Moon Rock Patterns

2. Color the Zebra

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Lesson 8:

Students will learn how to exit a program correctly.

1. Fun with a Fridge

2. Alphabet Bingo

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Lesson 9:

Students will make connections with Ebooks.

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Lesson 10:

Students will get to choose their own books to read today!

1. Storyline Online

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