Kindergarten Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1: What is the Internet?and an Internet field trip. Going places safely Lesson

What can you do on the Internet?

  • You can visit places

  • You visit people you know (video chat, Skype, Zoom, Facetime…. )

  • Play games; show some game sites that you will be using

  • Learn about anything; ask students to give you some topics to search

  • Website/ Webcam ideas for field trip; make help students understand how big the World Wide web is.

Sandiego Zoo

Georgia Aquarium

Puppy Cam

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Teacher Link: My Online Neighborhood

Watch: What is the Internet?

Lesson 2: Parts of the computer & How to use the Mouse; while doing this students will be opening Tabs, they will also be learning how to X a tab to exit it to get back to go kids.

1.Make a Face

2.Alphabetical Order

3.Coloring the Zebra

Teacher Link Parts of the computer & How to use mouse

Lesson 3: Continue Mouse Practice KS.K.1

Practice using your mouse on PBS kids! It's nice to introduce a variety of websites & have kids learn to navigate each one. This is great lesson to also teach the HOME button on website.

1.Wild City Search

2.Treehouse Designer

3.Seed racer

HOME button

Lesson 4: More Mouse Practice & Keyboarding

First students will use a mouse and/or track pad to draw numbers & letters. Second students will identify the letters in the alphabet on the keyboard by matching and then typing. Keyboarding Zoo can be used as long as it takes for students to master the Skill.

1.Trace to the beat game

2.Uppercase & Lowercase match

3.Keyboarding Zoo

Lesson 5: Counting

Students will identify numbers in order & continue practice on Mouse Skills.

1.Connect the Dots

2.Counting Fish

3.Blast off counting


Lesson 6: Fuzz bug Counting, sorting & comparing

Students continue to work on mouse skills while having fun with the Fuzz bugs. Then have them use the ABCya HOME button to further navigate the site and play.

Fuzz bugs

Lesson 7: Sorting & Graphing KS.K.2

Students will be able to create and identify patterns; pattern activities prepare students for Coding. To assess student understanding, have students do a worksheet or 2.

1.Fuzz bug Patterns

2.Shape patterns

Pattern worksheet

Pattern worksheet

Pattern Worksheet

Lesson 8 CS.K.1: Test students on Exiting a Tab, home button, scrolling, and closing out of the browser. By now students should be getting pretty self sufficient.

1.Fun with a Fridge

2.Alphabet Bingo

Teacher Link

Lesson 9: Lets Check out Pebble Go; Pebble go is website where students listen/read along about many different facts. Choose an animal to start, have them Type the name of it in the search Pebble Go, they click on all the tabs & listen to the facts, then have students do the Labeling of the body parts activity that is included. This is a great to do at Thanksgiving & do a Wild Turkey. Username: sunset3 & password is school

Pebble Go

Lesson 10:

Students will get to choose their own books to read today! You will notice that students have gotten a good variety of Websites that is building their confidence with getting online.

Storyline Online

Teacher Link