4th Grade Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1 : Keeping you Private & Personal Information Safe.

What information about you is OK to share online?

Teacher Lesson

Lesson 2: How Information is processed through Hardware & Software. Then What is Input & Output. After a discussion on the videos and going over examples; Have students check their understanding by Creating lists on easel Paper or Create cutouts for Hardware & software and then have students Match the Cutout Pictures to the correct "Header" on the Board/ Easel Paper. Group or single activity. Do this Lesson as you feel fit.

Code.org Hardware-Software

Code.org Input-Output

Lesson 3: Google Drive (What is it?)

Introduce Google Drive/Email: Learn how to login into Google drive and create a folder

  1. You can login to your Google Drive

  2. Learn that this is like a Big Filing cabinet of everything you have done in Google

  3. Learn How to Organize it

  4. Learn how to access your Gmail account

Lesson 4: Strong Passwords

How strong passwords protect your private information.

Listen to your teacher's directions. Strong Password Lesson

Video: How to Create a Strong Password

Lesson 5: Talking Safely Online

What's the difference between Internet friends and in-person friends?

Digital Lesson Plan

Online Friends Video

Lesson 6: Writing Good Emails Video: Parts of an Email for School Email

  1. Students will learn the 5 main parts of an email, How to Send & Reply

    • Address

    • Subject

    • Message

    • Closing

    • Signature

2. Then you will write a good email to a classmate;

  • Greet them

  • Ask a Question

  • write something about your self

  • Write a closing

  • Don't forget a Subject

3. You Classmate will reply

Read about Email & Gmail; What's the difference?

Lesson 7: Formatting and Using the Tools on a Google Doc.

Students will learn the Tool Bar, Insert an image, Search the web. Copy/paste to format a Google Doc.

1. Create a new document and name it: Sheep(last name) or if In Google Classroom then it is already named

2. Type this poem EXACTLY as you see it! Yes, with the errors.

Mary Had a Little Sheep

Mary had a little sheep,

its fleece was white as snow;

And everiwhere that Mary went

The sheep was surre to go.

It followed her to school one day.

Witch was against the rules;

It made the children laugh and play

Tos see a seep at Private School

Lesson 8: Binary Names Tags

You will learn Binary Code; 000s and 1111s. Students will get a binary text conversion sheet. A name tag paper or real name tag. Students write their name in Binary. Explain that this is how it would look to the computer. An extension to the lesson is to have students try to figure out who's is who's by collecting them & rehanding them out. There are 2 Lessons attached to choose from or intermix.

What is Binary Video

Brain POP Binary Code

Name tag lesson

Name tag lesson

Lesson 9: Binary Images (Unplugged) & Binary Images with Artist

Draw with Binary Student Link

Code.org Lesson

Code. org Lesson

Lesson 10: Book Review

You will create a book review document as a whole group

Student Book Review Template

1. Make a copy of this document

2. Name it Book Review and your first name

This is what you will need on your

Book Review Document

  • Heading 2 size headings for: Title, Characters, Review

  • A paragraph (5 sentences) or more under “Review”

  • The page needs to be set to 1” margins under “page setup”

  • The sentence spacing should be double spaced.

  • They will need to insert an image and wrap the image