4th Grade Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1: Classroom & Computer Lab Rules

You will learn your classroom and computer lab rules.

You will learn to navigate GoKids, Computer Lab rules and Logging into Typing Agent


Lesson 2: Introduction to Typing Agent

You will be introduced to Typing Agent’s home screen and touch typing without looking.

Lesson 3: Digital Literacy; Chatting/Instant Messaging

You will contrast chatting to Instant Messaging (blog)

Typing Agent

Lesson 4: Keyboarding

Use a typing program to type a minimum of 20 W.P.M (Typing Agent)

Lesson 5: Google Drive and Typing Agent

You will practice typing to eventually achieve 20 W.P.M. Introduce Google Drive/email

  1. Type for 10 minutes in Typing Agent. Remember, you will need to practice typing outside of school and in your classroom
    1. Learn how to login into Google drive and sign out of Google Drive
  2. You can login to your Google Drive by clicking on GoKids Links
  3. Learn how to access your Gmail account
  4. Compose an email to your Computer teacher or Classroom Teacher

Lesson 6: Typing Agent and Text Messages

You will practice typing to eventually achieve 20 W.P.M.

1. Type for 10 minutes in Typing Agent.

2. Go to Google Classroom, look for lesson on Texting.

3. Make copies of provided worksheets, complete them online. Then go over them as a class.

Lesson 7: Formatting a Google Doc

You will practice typing to eventually achieve 20 W.P.M. / Students will learn to format a Google Doc

1. Create a new document and name it: Sheep(last name)

2. Type this poem EXACTLY as you see it!

Mary Had a Little Sheep

Mary had a little sheep,

its fleece was white as snow;

And everiwhere that Mary went

The sheep was surre to go.

It followed her to school one day.

Witch was against the rules;

It made the children laugh and play

Tos see a seep at Private School

Lesson 8:

You will learn basic coding concepts.

It's your lucky day! You get to learn how to code, but by using paper first.

Don't forget to bring a book to class that you have finished.

Lesson 9:

You will create a book review document as a whole group

Student Book Review Template

1. Make a copy of this document

2. Name it Book Review and your first name

This is what you will need on your

Book Review Document

  • Heading 2 size headings for: Title, Characters, Review
  • A paragraph (5 sentences) or more under “Review”
  • The page needs to be set to 1” margins under “page setup”
  • The sentence spacing should be double spaced.
  • They will need to insert an image and wrap the image

Lesson 10

You will format correctly and type a one page document in a single setting

1. You will create your own Book review from scratch in Google Docs

2. Share the document with your computer teacher