Computer Science

Global Computer Science Resources for Elementary or Primary Students

Invention of Computer Programming Language

Students, watch the video on the left. As your watching, the video will stop and you will need to answer a question. Pay close attention to the information in the video so that you can answer the questions correctly.

Invention of Software Programming

Learn the story of the first Software Engineer, Margaret Hamilton. Her story is very interesting!

Pay close attention to the video, so you can answer the questions.

Binary Code Lesson

Worksheet Link

This is a tough one! Are you ready? Watch the 1st video, answer the questions. When you are finished, complete the worksheet. To gain even more understanding of the Binary system, watch the 2nd video and play the game.

Are you going to try the Binary Contest?

👉🏾Cisco's Binary Number Game👈🏾

Practice your Binary Code is so fun!