5th Grade Lessons 11- 20

Lesson 11

You will learn to organize, sort, and analyze data for comparisons.

Planning a Camping Trip!

Lesson 12

Sign into to Code.org and begin a coding lesson.

Lesson 13:

Code Combat

Sign in to Code Combat and begin your coding quest!

Lesson 14:

Continue coding! You may work on Code.org or Code Combat

Lesson 15:

In this lesson you will learn about advertising scenarios and how to recognize companies that target adults and kids to try to get them to buy their products.

Lesson 16:


What is an Anaglyph: A stereoscopic photograph with the two images superimposed and printed in different colors, producing a stereo effect when the photograph is viewed through correspondingly colored filters.


SlideshowImage 1

Image 2

Image 3

  1. Student Instructions:

  2. Choose one of the images that has been provided

  3. Create a new Google drawing

  4. Name it: Lastname:Anaglyph

  5. Save one of the images or copy the URL

  6. Insert/image/by upload or by url, if by url: paste in the URL of the image.

  7. Make the image as large as possible without pixelation

  8. Click on image options and choose the cyan color

  9. Copy your image

  10. Click on image options and choose the red color and make it ½ transparent

  11. They are layered but will need adjusted.

  12. If the image looks somewhat blurry, it is probably correct.

  13. (if available, test with glasses

Lesson 17:

Lesson 18:

  1. Open your Google Drive and create a New document called: lastname:2page

You will replicate the document that your teacher will give you.

    1. Centered title

    2. Double spaced

    3. Paragraphs.

    4. Font Arial 12

    5. Bold Headings

    6. Insert page number

    7. You will need to type this in class in one setting

Lesson 19

Lesson 19 Under Construction

Lesson 20

Lesson 20 Under Construction