2nd Grade Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1: Classroom Rules

You will be learning your classroom rules and how to navigate GoKids.


Lesson 2: Computer Lab Rules

You will be learning computer Lab Rules, how to use keyboarding software and the shift key, return, enter and cap lock

Lesson 3: Important buttons & Begin Keyboarding

You will learn how to use keyboarding software to locate letters on the keyboard.

Lesson 4: More Important Buttons

You will use keyboarding software to become familiar with the keys on the keyboard.

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Lesson 5: Keyboarding

You will use keyboarding software to practice typing.

1. Keyboarding Warmup

2. Keyboarding exercise #1

3. Keyboarding Typing Club


Lesson 6: Coding

  • You will understand basic coding concepts.

It's your lucky day, you get to learn how to code, but with paper!

Lesson 7: My Online Community

Students will learn what it means to go online and use the Internet.

Digital Lesson Plan

Lesson 8: Things for Sale

How do websites try to get you to buy their products?

Digital Lesson Plan

Lesson 9:

You will be Introduced to your Google Account!

  • how to login
  • learn about the waffle
  • how to navigate your account
  • create a folder

Lesson 10:

You will learn more about your Google Account.

  • Navigate using waffle
  • Locate & open new folder
  • Create new google doc