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Technology Infused Children's Literature Lessons, Computer Science Lessons & Biographies of Leaders in Technology.

In the lesson area, the lessons marked in yellow are lessons that use a Flash-based resource. We are deleting all of our Flash-based resources except for ABCya. We are hoping ABCya will transfer over to HTML5 by the deadline.

PLEASE be patient while GoKids goes through an update to a Flash free learning portal.

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GoKids is looking for teachers who would like to be involved in a collaborative project with elementary age students for the upcoming school year. The project will be technology infused. I have many years of experience working with school's and teachers from all over the world on different technology infused, collaborative projects with great success. It is quite a learning experience for students. Many of my students who have long since graduated, still bring up the fun they had collaborating with students from all over the world. If you are interested, please email gokids@park6.org

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