3rd Grade Lessons 11 - 20

Lesson 11


Lesson 12

Keyboarding and Coding!

1. Practice keyboarding

2. Coding lesson

Lesson 13

Use a typing program to type a minimum of 15 W.P.M (Typing Agent)


Lesson 14

Use block based coding, create a coding sequence, create a loop event.

No Zombie lesson.

Lesson 15

Spreadsheet activity using Google Drive. You can find your Google Drive in GoKids Links.

You will be constructing a spreadsheet about the eye colors of students in your classroom.

Lesson 16

In this lesson you will learn about inputting and formatting data on a spreadsheet using Google Sheets.

Lesson 17

You will develop a multimedia presentation with transitions

and design principles.

Listen carefully to you teacher. This project is a BIG one!

Part l

Here is what you'll be doing:

Go to Google Slides: Name the document - About Me

Slide 1 Objectives:Creating your slide theme and title slide

    • Choose a slide theme
    • Save it as: About Me First name
    • Type About Me
    • Type your name
    • Create a new slide with Title and Body

Lesson 18

Part ll of the multimedia presentation with transitions and design principles. You will continue this project that was started in lesson 17. Here is your TO DO list:

Slide 2: Slide Objectives:Creating a bulleted list and why we use bulleted lists

    • Title slide: My Hobbies
    • Type one hobby then enter
    • Type 5 hobbies
    • Select all hobbies and insert a bulleted list
    • Learn what a bulleted list is for.
    • Insert a Title and Body slide

Slide 3: Objectives: Inserting an image

    • Title slide: My Favorite Food
    • Insert an image using Google image search
    • Center the image both horizontally and vertically
    • Insert a Title and Body slide

Slide 4: Objectives: Using Word Art and why you would use Text Art

    • Title your slide:My Favorite Color
    • Insert WordArt. Type your favorite color in the box and when finished click enter
    • Select the text and change your font and its size
    • Click on the word and center the word
    • Use the bucket tool and line tool to decorate your word
    • Add a Title and Two Columns slide

Slide 5: Objectives: Learn how to use shapes and numbered lists

Lesson 19

This is part lll of the multimedia presentation project you began in lesson 17. You will finish this project Add the following:

Slide Objectives: Create a audio recording answering the question: What is your favorite thing about attending _____ School? Upload the audio to your Google Drive.

    1. Create a audio recording using Cloud Audio Recorder from the Chrome Web Store
    2. Upload the audio to your Google Drive
    3. Upload an image of a school
    4. Locate the URL from the audio file by clicking on the shared icon, advanced, public on the web, copy the url
    5. Click on the image and the hyperlink icon and paste in the url.
    6. Test the slide.

Lesson 20

You will be using your typing skills to type a one page document using specific guidelines. Your teacher has all the material you will need. You will be using your Google Drive so log in and get ready!