1st Grade Lessons 12 - 21

Lesson 12: Using Technology

Students will use PebbleGo to continue to learn about Computer Science concepts. Students will choose Science - Technology - Computers.

Teacher: Prepare some Questions for students; have students pair share what they learned. Do one topic each class. Integrate into weekly lessons.

Bad Netiquette Stinks

Lesson 13: Students learn the importance of using Good manners online and not everyone follows the same rules. Students learn to not reply to people who are unkind, to tell an adult and support students who may see netiquette that makes them feel sad & uncomfortable.

Lesson 14: Closing Tabs

In this lesson, students play the listed games to reiterate the skill of how to navigate open tabs as well as close X certain tabs that are not being used.

1. Days of the Week

2. Months of the Year

3. Five Senses

4. Jump Key

Lesson 15: Math: e-learning for kids

Students will follow the Map and practice counting, shapes, time, subtraction, addition and much more first grade curriculum lessons.

Math World

Lesson 16: Real Life Algorithms; Planting a seed

Students do the Plant a see Code. activity. Students learn to put together a sequence/list of steps of pictures to planting a seed. Students will need the Worksheet included in the lesson, Scissors & Glue

Unplugged - Real-Life Algorithms: Planting a Seed

Teacher Lesson Link

Keep it Private

Lesson 17: Students will be able to define what private means, to recognize the type of information that is private, advise that they should never give out private information on the internet, define what a username is, and create effective usernames that protect their private information.

Teacher link

Common Sense Media lesson

Lesson 18: Start with Drawing in Code!

Students will draw using code. Students can continue to work through this Course as they have time. Start with Course 1 for early readers. Students will create computer programs that will help them learn to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. By the end of this course, students create their very own custom game or story that they can share. Recommended for grades K-1.

Artist Sequence

Artist Shapes

Lesson 19: Using Keywords

Students learn the concept of using Keywords to locate information on the internet. They learn that using keywords is a more effective way to search. Start with Playing a game of I-Spy to help students see how more specific words help in figuring out what is being Spied. Write down the keywords that students are using on the board. Then go into the Common Sense lesson attached.

Teacher link

Lesson 20: World Wide Web & Researching

Students will visit the San Diego Zoo today!

The internet allows people to "visit" far away places while sitting in their classrooms or homes. Explore the website and find an animal to research.

San Diego Zoo Kids

Student Worksheet for Searching

Lesson 21 Emoticons :)

Students learn another keyboarding skill. Sometimes people use smiley faces and emoticons online to show how they're feeling. Draw the Emoji faces on the board. Ask students what the emotion is. Explain how you can make these same faces using the keyboard punctuation marks. Using the STORY MAKER on ABCya, have students draw an emoji and then have them write a simple sentence about the emoji. Next have them type several Emoticons.