1st Grade Lessons 11 - 20

Lesson 10: Language Arts: Parts of Speech

You will be learning about the different parts of speech that builds sentences.

E-Learning for Kids

Lesson 11: Going Places Safely

Students will learn about how to go online safely.

Digital Lesson Plan

Lesson 12:

You will be able to distinguish online safety versus offline safety


Lesson 13

You are going to be working on Math: Number chart and word problems.

Number Chart and Word problems

Click here for Number Chart activity

Click here for Word Problem activity

Lesson 14:

Explain what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior while online.

Digital Literacy Lesson: Screen out the Mean!

Lesson 15:

In this lesson you will demonstrate online safety with Boowa and Kwala!


Lesson 16:

In this lesson, you will need to keep this window (tab) open so you can go from one lesson to the next. You MUST go in order from 1-5. Close the tab of the game you are playing when finished.

Headphones will be needed for these activities!

Play the following games in this order: Click to open!

1. Days of the Week

2. Months of the Year

3. Five Senses

4. Cyber-Five

5. Jump Key

Lesson 17:

What is Symmetry?

Symmetry is when both sides of an object look identical. Our faces are symmetrical. Can you think of other things that might be symmetrical? Look at the picture below, did you notice that both sides of the A, Smiley Face and Shape are all symmetrical, meaning they are both the same. The Left side matches the right side.

1. Go here to practice symmetry: Symmetry Match

2. Go here to practice symmetry: Butterfly Match

Lesson 18:

In this lesson, you will do some coding by drawing. Click this link!

Lesson 19

Lesson Under Construction

Lesson 20

Lesson Under Construction