1st Grade Lessons 11 - 20

Lesson 11: Math- Llama Farm

Students will be practicing counting by tens, subtraction and addition.

Llama Farm

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Lesson 12: Internet Traffic Light

Students will learn how to identify "just right" websites and apps.

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Lesson 13: Bookflix

Students will read two books; one fiction and one non-fiction that are similar. They will then complete the Puzzlers! that go along with the stories.

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Lesson 14: Mr. Anker Tests - Math

Students will practice greater than, less than, equal to and skip counting by 5's

Greater Than, Less Than

Coin Counting: Nickels

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Lesson 15: Typing Practice

Students will practice typing letters on their keyboard.

Fish Typing

Squirrel Typing

Stacking Boxes Typing

Lesson 16: Math Playground

Students will play a place value game.

Students will practice skip counting on an interactive 100's chart.

Pop the Penguin and the Place Value Race

Interactive Hundreds Chart

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Lesson 17: Closing Tabs

In this lesson, students will learn how to navigate open tabs as well as close certain tabs that are not being used.

1. Days of the Week

2. Months of the Year

3. Five Senses

4. Cyber-Five

5. Jump Key

Lesson 18: Research

Students will use PebbleGo to research an animal. They will record the information they learn on the provided research outline form.

Lesson 19: Drawing in Code!

Students will draw using code.

Artist Sequence

Lesson 20: World Wide Web

Students will visit the San Diego Zoo today!

The internet allows people to "visit" far away places while sitting in their classrooms or homes.

San Diego Zoo Kids