About the Creator

About the Creator

I am Lisa Smith. I am glad you found GoKids. I have been involved in Technology education in some way or another for twenty-five years. I have held many positions within Technology Education.

I graduated from Idaho State University with a B.S. degree in Secondary Education: Business Technology 6-12 and Library Science K-12 and School to Work Coordinator 9-12. I then received my Master's Degree in Educational Technology and a Graduate Certificate as a Technology Integration Specialist.

I started by technology education journey by showing an aptitude for technology and I was asked to tutor pre-service teachers trying to pass the technology exam, which Idaho requires of all teachers. I believe that is an excellent idea!

Due to that experience, I was then asked to become the research tutor for ISU's Eli M. Oboler Library. I absolutely love research and find a good Whitepaper quite enjoyable. I was then placed into an Albertson's grant elementary classroom in order to help the teacher that received this cutting edge classroom. Albertson grant classrooms had the latest technology available for every student. It was quite an experience.

I have been a Middle school Business Technology teacher, Elementary librarian, Elementary Technology teacher, a PBL middle school technology teacher, a Technology Instructional Facilitator, Teacher Mentor and currently a Technology Specialist Supervisor. I have taught community education and tutored technology. I have literally taught students from age five to eighty-five.

Over the years I have created an award winning Technology club for elementary students, a technology Summer Camp for kids, a very successful and award winning international website called 1..2..3..Tech's 4 Me! This website was a portal for Global collaboration for teachers all around the World. I created Project-Based Learning Technology infused projects for elementary students. I worked with teachers from South Africa, Australia, US and the Guernsey Island in the UK. I had my elementary students work with a wonderful high school for the Deaf in Pennsylvania that was such an incredible opportunity that I will never forget. After running that website and maintaining it for around twelve years, I shut it down with over 750,000 viewers. I have had two successful blogs: Techalope and EdTech House.

...And now there is GoKids!

About GoKids

GoKids was originally created to provide an online learning experience for our K-5 students. It helped us get the technology curriculum out to our students (district wide) in a way that would allow our fabulous Para-Educators to facilitate the curriculum. It took three years to create all the lesson materials. All of the curriculum went through a stringent curriculum alignment process.

At the time of the creation I had a wonderful side-kick that helped build all the lesson plans; Pat Nieters. He is an amazing elementary teacher and brought his expertise to the project. He has since moved on to a completely different career and GoKids has gone through many transformations. I rebuilt the entire website at the end of last year, which was quite an undertaking. However, I love to build websites and as nerdy as it may sound, I love building online curriculum!

GoKids continues to evolve. I continue to improve it. Again, like my previous website, I have found resources from all over the World that help enrich the lessons and provide FREE resources for both Computer Science and the Technology Lesson Plans.

All content on GoKids has been created with free resources! I had no budget to build this. Thank goodness for Google Apps for Education!

I find that using online resources from all over the World provides our students with so much great content. I am very grateful for these wonderful free resources!

Due to the pending Flash compatibility issues, it is becoming harder and harder to find free web content that are not laden with advertising. Until website creators update their websites to HTML5, we will continue to lose access to many great resources literally on a daily basis. I am always in search of great educational websites for students that I can add to GoKids, please share your resources. I would love integrate them into upcoming lesson ideas.

GoKids has no advertising on its pages. The website was made with Google Sites. The 3rd party pages do. Please always monitor your child's use of GoKids. If one of my resources has anything inappropriate on it in the form of advertising, please let me know.

GoKids is being updated constantly. Please do not link to GoKids without permission.

Thanks again for stopping by. ✌️

Email: Lisa Smith or GoKids