Kindergarten Lessons 11 - 20

Lesson 11

You will learn math base 10 and how to exit a program (tab)

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Lesson 12: Going Places Safely

Students will learn how to stay safe when online. That the internet has so much to offer but there are rules they need to follow.

Lesson 13- Privacy

You will be learning how to distinguish personal information from public information.

Digital Literacy Lesson!

Lesson 14

You will learn how to recognize and find numbers on a number chart

Lesson 15

You will compose an informative/explanatory piece through writing and drawing.

Story Maker Activity!

Lesson 16

You will identify letters in your name on the keyboard by typing

Text Edit Activity

Lesson 17

Digital Literacy Lesson! A-B-C Searching

Students will learn how to search online using a the alphabet on a children's directory website.

Lesson 18

Game day!

You will log in to Teach Your Monster to Read today using your username and password and work on lesson activities. Don't forget to log out when you are finished playing!

Lesson 19


You will learn about coding and play a coding game.

Lesson 20

Practice using your computer mouse.

Up To Ten 1 Pick up sticks

Up To Ten 2 Shapes and patterns

Up To Ten 3 Patterns