Kindergarten Lessons 11 - 20

Lesson 11: e-Learning; Math World

Students will practice counting, patterns, number order and so much more. Students continue to learn how to Navigate a website & the concept of "what to do next" on their own.

Math World Map

Lesson 12: Internet Traffic Light Lesson

How to stay safe when visiting a website or app by using the Traffic light.

Teacher Link

Lesson 13: Coding

You will learn about coding and play a coding game! Introduce New Vocab. Code, Blockly, Command, Sequence, Algorithm, Program, Programming, Run Program, & Loop

Code.Org, Course A

Lesson 14: Presenting Data Using a Graph

Students will collect data from their classmates on a "Favorite" topic. If possible have them ask a few teachers & another class. Add all the collected data up & have students make a Prediction of what the next person asked might say? Why?

Graphing Game

Graphing Example Video



Lesson 15: Keep it Private!

You will be learning what information you should keep to yourself when Online.

Common Sense Lesson

Worksheet for Kindergarten

Lesson 16: Teach Your Monster to Read

Game day!

Keyboarding Skills have led up to this. You will log into Teach Your Monster to Read by typing your name & a password. Your Teacher will provide you with a password card. When done, you will log-out. Click on the MONSTER to start.

Lesson 17: Real Life Algorithms

In this lesson, students will relate the concept of algorithms back to everyday real-life activities by planting an actual seed. The goal here is to start building the skills to translate real-world situations to online scenarios and vice versa.

Unplugged Lesson

Teacher Video

Lesson 18: A-B-C Searching

Students will learn how to search online using the alphabet on a children's directory website.

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Lesson 19: Animal Research

Students will use this website to learn about an animal of their choice. They should use the search Form to "look" up an animal & then complete the attached worksheet.


Research Lesson

Lesson 20: Media Balance is Important

Students will consider the feelings of themselves and others when making decisions about when, where, and how much to use technology.

Digital Citizenship Lesson

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