Kindergarten Lessons 11 - 20

Lesson 11: e-Learning; Math World

Students will practice counting, patterns, number order and so much more. Students continue to learn how to Navigate a website & the concept of "what to do next" on their own. 

Math World Map  

Lesson 12: Presenting Data Using a Graph

Students will collect data from their classmates on a "Favorite" topic. If possible have them ask a few teachers & another class. Add all the collected data up & have students make a Prediction of what the next person asked might say? Why? 

Graphing Game 

Graphing Example Video 



Lesson 13: Happy Maps

At the root of all computer science is something called an algorithm. The word “algorithm” may sound like something complicated, but really it’s just a list of instructions that someone can follow to achieve a result. Students will:

Lesson 14: Coding 

You will learn about coding and play a coding game! Introduce New Vocab. Code, Blockly, Command, Sequence, Algorithm, Program, Programming, Run Program, debug & Loop

Code.Org, Course A 

Bee Sequence 

Happy Loops

Lesson 15: This lesson serves as an introduction to loops. Loops allow for students to simplify their code by grouping commands that need to be repeated. Students will develop critical thinking skills by noticing repetition in movements of their classmates and determining how many times to repeat commands. By seeing "Happy Maps" again, students will get the chance to relate old concepts such as sequencing to the new concept of repeat loops.

Lesson 16: Internet Traffic Light Lesson

How to stay safe when visiting a website or app by using the Traffic light. 

Teacher Link 

Lesson 17:  Keep it Private!

You will be learning what information you should keep to yourself when Online. 

Common Sense Lesson 

Worksheet for Kindergarten

 Lesson 18: A-B-C Searching

Students will learn how to search online using the alphabet on a children's directory website. Students will label an animal that they have searched using the attached site.

Enchanted Learning website 

Teacher Link 

Lesson 19: Pebble Go Animal Research

Step 1. Students will collaborate with another student. Together they will choose an animal to research. They will each listen to the facts and together complete the attached worksheet. Partner Activity 

Step 2.  Students will use Pebble Go to learn about an animal of their choice (Teacher should give a list of animals to chose from; animals that are on Pebble Go). They should use the search box to "look" up an animal & then complete the Pebble Go worksheet. Teacher will have to pre-print the Worksheets from Pebble Go. 

Lesson 20: Media Balance is Important

Students will consider the feelings of themselves and others when making decisions about when, where, and how much to use technology.

Digital Citizenship Lesson

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