5th Grade Lessons 1 - 10

Lesson 1: Classroom & Computer Lab Rules

You will be learning classroom rules, navigating GoKids, computer lab rules and logging into Typing Agent


Lesson 2: Introduction to Typing Agent

You will be introduced to Typing Agent’s home screen and touch typing without looking at your keys.

Lesson 3: Typing Agent Practice with Handouts

You will use a typing program to type a minimum of 25 W.P.M (begin Typing Agent)

  1. You will learn proper fingers and become familiar with the keys on the keyboard.
  2. Follow your teacher's instructions and fill out the handouts. Handout

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5: Google Drive and Typing Agent

You will practice typing to eventually achieve 25 W.P.M Introduce Google Drive/email.

  1. Type for 10 minutes in Typing Agent. Remember, you will need to practice typing outside of school and in your classroom
    1. Learn how to login into Google drive and sign out of Google Drive
  2. You can login to your Google Drive by clicking on GoKids Links
  3. Learn how to access your Gmail account
  4. Compose an email to your Computer teacher or Classroom Teacher

Lesson 6: Typing Agent and Text Messages

You will practice typing to eventually achieve 25 W.P.M.

1. Type for 10 minutes in Typing Agent.

2. Go to Google Classroom, look for lesson on Texting.

3. Make copies of provided worksheets, complete them online. Then go over them as a class.

Lesson 7:

You will analyze the use and protection of private information.

Common Sense Media Lesson: Private and Personal Information.

Lesson 8:

You will be introduced to spreadsheets, using student gathered data.

Introduction to Google Sheets. Watch the video, then listen to your teacher's instructions.

Lesson 9:

Instructions for Lesson 9

You will create a spreadsheet using student gathered data.Part 2

    1. Have students login to Typing Agent and practice for 10 minutes
    2. Students will gather information (ex. Favorite pet, sport, movies, video games, etc.) Each student will be allowed to choose their own topic as long as it is approved by the teacher.
    3. Students will need to decide their topics and poll at least 15 classmates.
    4. Have students create a poll in Google drive using Google Forms, share with their classmates.
    5. Students need to collect their data from their classmates so they can create a spreadsheet with row and column headings. See example
    6. When data is completed, please collect the papers so students have them for lesson 10.

Lesson 10:Instructions for Lesson 10

You will create a spreadsheet using student gathered data Part 3

    1. Students will input their data from lesson 9 with appropriate headings and columns using Google sheets.
    2. Students will need to display at least two comparable charts that can be used to identify their gathered data for interpretation purposes.